Animate Your Own Cartoons On The DSi

nds_nintendo_dsi_lifestyle_08Flipnote Studio launches for the DSi this Friday, Nintendo Australia has announced. Flipnote enables users to draw and design their own animated shorts, just like a flipbook.

Flipnote Studio is a free download via DSiWare. It gives you a notepad with hundreds of pages, three coloured pens and an eraser. You can also import DSi photos and then manipulate them as part of your animation. And you can use the DSi microphone to add music, speech and other sound effects.

Your clips can be uploaded to the Flipnote Hatena website where they can be shared and rated amongst the community.

Or, if you prefer, Flipnote can simply be used as a regular memo pad. The only question is: how long until the first stick figure porno is made?


    Neat!! I think that's enough excuses to buy a DS now :)

    There is already some crazy hentai animations up on the Japanese version. They get removed pretty quickly though.

    Hundreds of pages, so you run out? Also, im in the same boat as Escape, enough excuses for me to buy one.

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