Assassin's Creed II Gameplay Footage

Straight from the showroom floor, here's nearly two minutes of raw gameplay footage from the upcoming Assassin's Creed II.'s nearly two minutes of Italians being stabbed in the neck.


    It's a bit silly that he can thrust that halberd through that armoured dude and then just pulls it back out.

    The combat in the first had quite an authentic feel.

    This is the same gameply footage from like 2 months ago but with German audio on it....
    *yaaaawn* give us something new.... NEWWWWWWW

      Yeah i know! Old footage shown again.. boring!

        its the same yet slightly different

    Man, this looks... meh?

    The AI when he is fighting those three guards "Oh, I will wait till you finish your nice killing sequence on my friend before I attack you".

    I think this will be much like the first, repetitive.

    I enjoyed the first one but doesnt look like ill be forking out any cash for this duplicate with a higher numeral attached to it.

    Wasn't this the footage that was released when they announced it?

    Not only that, its not even the full footage which included showing off the flying machine.

    The article says nothing about the footage being clearly says that it is "RAW" footage...

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