AU Diary: Beaten By A Girl

wii-sports-resort-table-tennisI give up. I admit defeat. I'm a broken man. With a very tired arm.

I've been playing Wii Sport Resort again this afternoon. Last time I played I was just a few points shy of the 1500 mark in table tennis. I figured I'd knock that over in a couple of matches.

Then I met Lucia. She appears to be some kind of boss player. She moves much faster than any opponent I've previously encountered. She can also return with as much - if not more - spin and power as I can.

She just runs rings around me. My strategy: attack the ball early and play heavy top spin backhands to one corner, working a good angle for a cross court forehand. It's worked on everyone else... but Lucia just keeps hitting it back.

How do you beat her?


    And who said Wii Sports Resort was not hardcore!
    Ha im with you. veyr hard.

    Seduce her

      This is quite clearly the only strategy left.

      Only way to go for sure, break out the Barry White and mood lighting. Take her down!

    Am I the only one that found the first paragraph of this article (on the main index) to be a concerning insight into a particular male physiological dysfunction?

      Concerning? Only if it was said seriously.

      Then again, in general, why shouldn't a guy expect to beat a girl? By the law of averages, guys should be stronger than their female counterparts, when playing games. Let's face it, guys generally get more practice in.

      Of course you will get girls that are better than most guys, but they are far along the old bell curve. It shows you've met a truly exceptional girl.

        I think you misunderstood what DeeJay was getting at. ;)

    you should use sex panther by odeon, 60% of the time it works..every time

    but i will be honest with you it does smell like pure gasoline

    I had that problem too. I could only ever get 1 point on the board. Then I changed the batteries in my wiimote and I beat her the very next game...(they were flat)

    Rip the top spin to the corner and if you get stuck way back or running about, hit a big backspin shot to get closer then rip the top spins some more, hitting it early after the bounce... good luck...

    Yeah you just have to be persistent; keep hitting the ball to those awkward spots so you activate the smash shot and keep up the pressure until your wrists or comp gives in. Sometimes you may get lucky though; I remember when I challenged the boss she still double-bounced and an unforced error or two, don't rely on it though haha.

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