AU Diary: Here's What I Think Of Batman: Arkham Asylum

I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. It's *******, **** and ******.

Like ********, Batman: Arkham Asylum is ********* *********. The use of ****** and ****** is merely ********. But what really ***** is how much ******** ** *** ******. It's probably **** *********** when Batman *** ** ************ the ****** ****** and **** **** *********.

I'd love to tell you more, but I'm under NDA right now.

Needless to say, *** ****** ****** *** **!


    Godamnit. That wasn't necessary.

    ****, i mean cool

    the demo made me wet with anticipation.. it can only be praise. :)

    I'd like to buy a vowel please Ed.

      Disregard that, getting Temptation hosts mixed up with my Wheel of Fortune!

    Can we at least get a thumbs up or thumbs down? :P

      Isn't it obvious what his opinion is?

    ******* NDA's.

    Demos like this sell games. Simple. I wasnt interested at all before but now Im a first day purchase!!

      I'm of the same mindset... what was once merely of passing interest to me quickly shifted to a title that demanded my full attention after playing through the PS3 demo.

      Definitely considering a day one purchase now... and I'm also somewhat tempted by the batarang LE pack 'x'

      I like what I've seen with the demo.

      I just hope it doesn't fall in the same trap as Too Human and Mirror's Edge.

      Both had convincing demos but the games themselves failed to live up to the demos.

        Mirror's Edge was brilliant. A flawed masterpiece but a masterpiece nevertheless.

    I'd heard some mixed things from industry mates that played an earlier build than the demo but after grabbing the demo off XBL, I'm sold. Just waiting for it now.

    That's one thing that I've never understood... The game is about to be released within 2 weeks, a demo has been released, yet the Gaming Media is unable to 'review' the game because of an NDA...

    A game that the public is likely have actually played now in it's demo form, sure we all know that a demo doesn't reflect the final product, but it's still a hands-on insight on what you will be playing... I would have though a release of a demo would actually go against their own NDA?

    The game had me sold at Batarang! :)

    This adds to the frustration that Aussie retailers have the release date as 3rd Sept not Aug 28 like it's supposed to be. Also the cheapest price so far is $110.00. What utter crap.

    Here's my attempt at de-coding the Wildgoose' secret hidden message:

    "I’ve been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. It’s vicious, delicious and nutritious.

    Like apple-pie, Batman: Arkham Asylum is warm and moist. The use of real fruit and pastry is merely excellent. But what really frustrates is how much pie is not cherry. It’s probably not intentional when Batman licks his bat-lips the pie looks great and the graphics are superior. 7.5

    I’d love to tell you more, but I’m under NDA right now.

    Needless to say, you will probably enjoy it!"

    Was I close?

      Uncannily close.

    this makes me so angryyyyyyy

    Can we have a review of the demo please David ;)

      ****** **** ***** but I **** *** *** ****.

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