AU Diary: No Games Today, Just Interviews

Until this week, I used to work from home. Now I work in a proper office. This has meant far fewer hours spent playing games.

So this is the fourth day this week - aside from literally a few minutes spent completing Broken Sword earlier in the week - where I haven't played a single game. It's kinda weird.

In lieu of gaming time, today I popped out to EA's Sydney office to meet with Need For Speed: Shift producer Jesse Abney. We chatted for an hour about what they're doing with Shift and the Need For Speed series in general. I even asked him a few of your questions from yesterday. Look for some Shift posts early next week.

I also just finished transcribing an interview with Australia's Xbox Live product manager, Andrew Jenkins. I grilled him over the Games On Demand service. News on that coming tomorrow.

Finally, I just heard that my copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum is on its way. I really need to make time for some gaming...


    Oooh look at you, got your own office...
    well aren't you special...


    Broken sword: angel of death?

    Damn!!!!! There goes your nude gaming habits!


    You willingly gave up the opportunity of working at home? Are you nuts?

    don't let the office environment kill your gaming. follow the Penny Arcade Model of Business, gaming is your career so you need to think about the difference between playing games for work and playing games for recreation.

    for example when your review copy of Batman comes in, you should either A) have a console set up to play it at work or B) go home early to make time to play it. you cant not(double negative, woo!) play videogames at work when your job is to play videogames and record your impressions.

    you spent an hour yesterday doing an interview with EA, spend the same amount today checking out RF:G's new DLC pack, or fat princess, etc. at worst your now familiar with a new release title in case someone asks about it in an "ask us" article, at best you have material for a "first hour of" article.

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