AU Diary: Please Help With Our Terrible Facebook Page

Slow day today. I haven't played a single game all day! But I have put up a Facebook page.

If you login to Facebook and search for "Kotaku Australia" you'll find our very early attempt at an official page. Consider it a soft launch. So what I'd like to hear from you guys is ideas and suggestions for what you want from a Kotaku Australia Facebook page. Hit me up in the comments.

Also, you'll see that hideous black and white K logo there. That's deliberate. I'd love for some talented creative person to design the official Kotaku Australia Facebook page's official pic! It can be anything you like as long as it's recognisably Kotaku. Send your artsiness to the usual address. I'll even give out a prize to the one I choose.

On the gaming front, I may not have played a game today, but I did finally finish Broken Sword DS last night. I enjoyed it for the most part, although it does kinda lose its way towards the end. As a result, the story gets convoluted and the finale feels somewhat rushed. Still, it did make me appreciate how ideally suited adventure gaming is to the DS. Moar pls!

Hopefully I'll get some gaming in tonight. Fallout 3 perhaps?


    Good to hear countless hours are wasted on facebook at kotaku, too.

    I love what you've already done. The links to your lastest posts is exactly what is needed. Maybe not even just a select few, but all if not most of them should be linked.

    Maybe its a perfect place to upload some pics from various events, E3, Penny arcade etc

    If Kotaku peeps actually read the discussion section on the page it would be sweet, you could put the "Talk Among Yourselves" thing there instead :)

    Well congrats on making a Facebook page.
    Consider it a praise that you're the only one that I know who made one. So there's a win in there, I guess.
    I reckon the black and white logo looks awesome. Very unique from the colourful one here. lol
    I agree with Tristian, use it to post pictures and/or videos from events.

    any chance of some higher rez kotaku logos to work with???

    i'll fire up my photoshop and make a few sample logos

    TOTALLY off-topic!

    But Dave.. since there hasn't been a recent ASK ME STUFF Post, i was wondering.

    Do you know anything on the Canberra based Prophecy Games developed game, Under Pressure.

    It was reported on here late last year. I think i commented on a post asking about it, can't remember what i asked or if anyone replied. But was wondering if you know any updates on the game or could dig up some info on it. If it's still in development & how far along it is. It looked really promising, especially from a Australia based development company. One that isn't owned internationally & all.

    Hopefully it can be reported on here, give it some exposure to the world and gather some local support! Also, is it going to be on 360 or PS3?

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