AU Diary: Quick, Gimme Your Questions For Bungie

As part of this weekend's Halo 3: ODST event in Sydney - featuring a real Warthog - Bungie producer Curtis Creamer is in town.

Curtis is on a press tour to show Halo 3: ODST, the "expandalone" follow-up to Halo 3. Tomorrow, I'll be playing the game and chatting with him.

If there's anything you'd like me to ask Curtis about ODST or Halo in general, leave it in the comments below. You've got until around midday Thursday.


    Can our readers borrow that Wathog..?
    Just for the weekend?

    I'd like to know how much it would cost to rent that warthog for a weekend :D.

    Can we get the Stig to test drive the Warthog around the Top Gear Australia track?

      This. I might actually watch TGA if that happened.

    Thing with Bungie, you may ask but they may not answer. They are very secretive. Release dates, pictures, names & all that.

    Perhaps ask them something about setting, theme, genre their new, unannounced IP is. FPS, TPS, RPG?!

    Or a some sort of time-frame. Holiday 2010 (doubt it) 2011 (most likely) or when they're planning to announce it & show it off. (Next year perhaps or later this year?).

    Not a journalist, so don't exactly have a QUESTION. But i'm sure you can work around those sort of things! Everyone is dying to know.. they're gonna kill someone if they keep being so secretive.

    OH ALSO..

    Perhaps you could ask them whats going on with the Xbox 360 Elites?

    I would like one..

      Please ask him if he knows anything about the Xbox Price cuts. Many people are eager as to what's happening with the Xbox Elites.

      I do hope the Elites are replacing the Pro's at the same price, I want a Xbox so bad!

    Were there any factors that influenced the decision to not include matchmaking in firefight mode? Considering the popularity of co-op game modes in competitors games (horde mode for GoW2 and Nazi Zombies for CoD:WaW) which both feature a matchmaking system, why was a matchmaking system not implemented for Firefight? Considering not many people are aware that Firefight is built off the pre-existing Campaign lobby from Halo 3, and many expect some sort of matchmaking to be found, if the fan demand is high enough would Bungie consider implementing some sort of patch or update to remedy this?

      what? i cant believe they wouldnt include that.

      This something i have been wondering for a while & just couldn't find an answer. Been meaning to ask it, ASK ME STUFF section or Random Talk.

      Wiki doesn't give anything specific but i think this is just a total disaster.

      So when we choose to play Firefight, we do so by ourselves with a few AI characters??
      Can there be 4 player co-op on the one console? Or split-screen?

      I cannot believe there is no ONLINE capability for Firefight mode like their is for Nazi Zombies... WTF!
      Online Firefight would actually revolutionize that genre mode considering COD 5 & Gears 2 suffers from a lot of lag or lack of games to be found.

      Bungie actually do Matchmaking the best. I'm going on too much, but i just can't believe it. I'm thinking twice now about ODST and may just do the EB Games 7 Day Trade in to do the campaign.

        No dude, i totally agree. If its just local co-op, thats fucked. I'm too old to be having people around to play video games. But if i can play online with strangers, my secret shame stays with me.

        "built off the pre-existing Campaign lobby from Halo 3"

        What this means is that there WILL be online, splitscreen and system-link co-op in Firefight, as there was with the 4 player co-op as with the original halo 3 Campaign lobby. Meaning you'll be able to play online with your friends.

        When he mentions Matchmaking he is specifically talking about finding games to play with people you don't already know, and ranked matches. Which I think they would be able to implement, but obviously ranking might be difficult and/or easily gamed when it's not VS other humans. ie, possibly the reason that campaign single player halo 3 has no matchmaking included.


    I want to know if they got paid overtime for the whole Bungie vs the World event. And also if they're ever going to open their online store again.

    Is there any possibility of the single player content of Halo 1 & 2 being rebuilt with contemporary art assets and sold as DLC campaigns for Halo 3? I'd love to go back and play the originals again but the difference in graphical quality between the titles is just a bit too dramatic (and this is coming from a guy who happily played monkey island SE in classic mode). Priced at 800msp, these would be an instant buy for me

    My suggestion of using Halo 3 as the basis is for several reasons, firstly because it would give the games a consistent visual feel along the core master chief/cortana story. Secondly because its an already established game and addons for established games seem to be easier to sell than for brand new games (it sidesteps the "wtf? DLC already? Ripoff!" complaints). Thirdly if achievements were added, Halo 3 could be the first game to break 2000 points. Finally and least convincingly, because I already own Halo 3 and I'm presently too poor to buy new 360 games but DLC is just within my budget...

    Hi there, I've got a couple of questions:

    When Bungie was created, did any of the employee's take into account the impact that the company would have on the world? Not to mention gaming in general.

    I noticed in your Bungie employee profile that you are classified as a Grizzled Ancient, how does it feel to have that status among your fellow employees. Do you get any special treatment?

    Finally: Do you know where I can find a Halo 3 Xbox 360 Console? These things are bloody hard to find. Maybe you can bring one in as a giveaway :)

    In general terms what is bungie's plans for the future, are you going to try to develop a new franchise to follow in the same way as Halos 1-3 were developed or are you going to use your new freedom to build a stable of IP's similar to blizzard's model.

    also halo 3 used a very interesting multiplayer DLC policy, new maps come out, you pay for them, or you can wait a few months and the content will become free. did you learn anything from that model and would you use it in future titles.

    Will there be any more map packs for Halo 3?

    Will there be downloadable Firefight content?

    Can I haz Recon? (don't actually ask this)

    What do you think of the Halo themed avatar shirts, honestly?

    Can you make a downloadable Oni sequel? That would be sweet.

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