Aussie Madden Has No Free Online Franchise Codes. Here's Mine

Australia, homeland of beloved former Chargers punter Darren Bennett, got Madden NFL 10 a day earlier than the rest of the world - part of that whole day-ahead, winter-is-summer, up-is-down, toilets-flush-in-reverse thing. But they didn't get free Online Franchise codes.

EA Sports spokesman Rob Semsey confirmed that the codes were, mistakenly, not printed on the instruction manuals for regions outside of North America. "We are investigating what regions this is affecting and will provide a solution once we have more details," he says.

Oz gamers on the GameFAQs forums complained earlier today that the PAL version of Madden NFL 10 shipped with the same promise of an online franchise mode but no code printed on the manual to unlock your 10 franchise entitlements. Ordinarily it costs 800 Microsoft points. But hold your horses on starting an online dynasty until EA Sports responds to this, because it's easier to collect a free chit than seek a refund.

Meantime, because I truly have no time for an online franchise mode in addition to the offline dynasties and franchises I'm running in NCAA and Madden 10, respectively, I hereby give up my code, first come, first served. U.S. gamers, please defer to our friends from the convict colony.

In case you can't read that, it's


No Code on the Back of My Manuel [sic]for Online Franchise !!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! [GameFAQs]


    This sounds just like the time they "mistakenly" left out the online in Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. Way to treat foreign countries, you wankers.

    Convict colony??

      People overseas conveniently keep forgetting about the mass of free settlers that came here.

    Wait, people in Australia play Madden?

    Also, I'd totally play a game that's exclusively about James Hird.

      Hells yes Australians play Madden. I have been waiting months for this game.

      Woo Hoo James Hird game! Yeah I'd play that too

    I know, how about you make it free on the Australian marketplace??? Easy fix...

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