Aussie Man Sets New Galaga World Record

Aussie Man Sets New Galaga World Record

galagaA man from country New South Wales broke the world record high score on Galaga over the weekend.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Phil Day scored 3.44 million after just over two hours play on Saturday night, eclipsing the previous best of 2.7 million set by an American player two years ago. Day told the SMH he celebrated the event quietly.

“There was no one else around. I wanted to signify that I had reached the 2.7 million mark for the video recording of the attempt, but I couldn’t get too excited and I was pretty exhausted.”

Congrats, Phil. Any man who has an original 1981 Galaga machine in their home gets our respect. Doubly so for being so awesome at it.

Aussie smashes arcade video game world record [SMH]


  • My friend has been carrying a piece of paper in his wallet for about 10 years, his score from a machine in our local snooker club. I emailed him the article, his response:

    “Man that is so annoying. I got 6,632,130 over about 5 hours.
    Fired 30532 shots
    Hit 27737
    Yes I still have the bit of paper in my wallet”

      • It was so long ago that I doubt we could verify which Rank the machine was set to, but he didn’t use the no shoot glitch. It was just a plain old sit down Galaga machine, I don’t believe double shoot variant.

        Maybe I should try to pull him out of retirement, but finding a machine would be a pain in the proverbial.

  • I know Phil Day personally and all of his record-breaking games have been video taped from start to end and vetted and verified by Twin Galaxies.

    He plays on full tournament mode and makes an uncut recording of each game which starts with a view of his arcade machine’s board and dip switch settings then the complete game and ends with another inspection of the board and dip switch settings. I believe that these conditions are required by Twin Galaxies.

  • hey, phil is my english teacher. he is awesome and he lives for galaga. he never stops talking about it and i think he deserves this win!

  • Galaga is like Blackjack, there’s a trick to it. Old school gamers know exactly what I’m talking about. During the summer holidays when I was sixteen, I used to regularly pull six to eight hour stints at the local corner store racking up an average of 5.4 million points till the shopkeeper kicked me out. Where do I go to get in on this World Record action?

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