Australian Games Industry Body Rebrands For The Future

Australian Games Industry Body Rebrands For The Future

igea-logoThe Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia is no more. It’s now known as the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association as part of a rebranding exercise aimed at catering for a much broader audience.

According to iGEA chief executive Ron Curry, the change is part of an effort by the industry body to be more targeted in its focus:

“The industry has evolved dramatically and video games are a form of entertainment now enjoyed by an extremely broad range of Australians. The new focus of the iGEA will further take into account the fact that interactive entertainment is now accessed by consumers through a much wider range of entertainment devices and that the devices themselves offer greater entertainment options. Our focus is to ensure that our organisation remains relevant as we continue to see further convergence and divergence across all forms of entertainment.”

So, what does the iGEA do when it’s not reordering new stationary? Its brand new website outlines a new mission statement as follows:

To advance the interactive games & entertainment industry and to further the business interests of our members by:

* Informing and fostering relationships with the public, the business community and governmental bodies on matters affecting the industry;
* Ensuring appropriate legislative & regulatory framework for the industry is in place; and
* Engaging members on relevant matters and to create an environment that drives sustainable growth of members’ businesses

In a nutshell, that means they do things like lobby the government for changes to games classification, push for policies that support local development, campaign against software piracy, and generally lead the way on issues that affect the entire industry.

Long-term readers might recall I once suggested we get Ron Curry on board for a Kotaku Question Time. I might just do that now. If you’ve got any questions for im and iGEA, leave them in the comments.


  • Can they help to push Australia in introducing the R18+ rating? If not, they are pretty much useless! Coz the R18+ rating absence is one of the reasons that is holding back Australian Gaming Industry!

  • Maybe you can ask what exactly iGEA will be doing to deepen the connection between the Game and Music, Film, TV Industries.
    Imagine if new Australian films, TV had channel for interactive IP development. Or Bands got finding to develop interactive application (facebook, XBL,…).
    SAW, BABE, Silverchair’s new album – developed in parallel with the game/interactive application and realised exactly the same day. I think we end up with much better games and possibly better publicised films, music and TV.

  • never heard of them before right now, so their rebranding is certainly off to a good start took a quick glance at their site page, are those N64 controllers being used in the top right picture?

    anyway questions,

    the gaming community in Australia and even overseas continue to suffer under the current ratings system for video games in Australia. the best example of which was fallout 3’s global change to meet Australia’s aging ratings system.

    what do you see as the greatest barrier to revising the current video games rating system in Australia, and what is the most effective way for normal voters to help?

  • Will the iGea attempt to lobby for a say into the way games will be rated
    Will iGea attempt to lobby for the control of the way games are rated due to the differences between the audio-visual and interactive mediums.
    Will the iGea attempt to push for an R rating for games due to the huge confusion between the ratings as reported in the reports done by Professor Jeff Brand?
    What does iGea propose to do due to the massive confusion in the OFLC’s rating system?
    What does iGea plan to do in the event of another “Hot Coffee” incident

    I’m out of ideas now…

  • This is just another corporate interest group made up of the big publishers out to pursue the interests of the big publishers – this will not have any meaningful impact on the local industry unless it results in something that makes them more money..

    If an R rating means more money it will be raised.. However if stores would refuse to stock R rated games (hypocritical when they sell R rated videos, books. I know, but still a possibility), and these guys would know – then no – there will be no interest in them pushing to get an R rating.

    The IEAA’s sole mission is to encourage development of Regional Restriction type based laws, clamp down on piracy by trying to get hefty penalties into the laws and make it possible to fine/imprison/etc individuals using rather than those producing (and not looking at the source reason as to why people would pirate in the first place), and basically just whinge about their big corporate interests..

    This is not relevant news for gamers, or game developers.. they’ll just continue to do nothing relevant for us like they have up until now..

    ..Nice new logo tho!

  • I’m sorry to be the one thinking like a juvenile, but how do they expect people to say this? “I Gay”?

  • What makes any of you think IGEA can do anything about the R 18+ classification? Seriously it’s a lobby group. If they really wanted it they’d be bugging Atkinson about it.

  • We have many groups lobbying for R classifications but the challenge is seeing if anyone is bothered to hound someone to the point of accepting the fact that it has to be in or make people’s lives even worse… besides… it was Phillip Ruddoc which said “the Internet is just a fad”. Nothing like Professor Jeff Brand talking to someone a bit think… This might actually get a chance
    I just hope that Jeff Brand can lead the charge along with iGea and others for an R classification… Since there is the major problem of people not knowing about the classification system on games then going back and whinge about games being too violent when it is clearly their fault for purchasing the game in the first place…

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