Bad Company Xbox 360 On Demand Offers PS3 Manual

Microsoft's summer system update has brought games on demand to the Xbox 360. Via LIVE, you can now buy titles like retail packaged title Battlefield: Bad Company for the Xbox 360.

Xbox LIVE Marketplace has the game's manual available for downloading, and, as of time of posting, Xbox LIVE has the game's PS3 manual available for download. Doh!

Those who have purchased the game on demand, we hope you can work out what the corresponding Triangle, Square, Circle and X buttons.

Xbox LIVE Marketplace | BF: Bad Company [ Thanks, John!]


    hahah dumb PS3 owners need a hint to get the disc out...

      Oh no you didn't *clicks fingers*

    looks like someone is more interested in getting your money than getting things right...
    *cough* 360 *cough* RROD *cough*

    damn swine flu

      LOL, yeah that's the truth.

    haha looks like mucrosoft made another great plunder since CHARGING for online

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