Bargain Hunter: Cheap Wii And A Three-Day... Growth?

Sigh, that headline pun didn't quite work as well as I thought it might. Oh well. Anyone for a Wii console for $337?

If you're interested, you've got until August 20 to make it down to your local EB Games store. It's just the regular console with no bundled games, save for the standard Wii Sports pack-in. But when you'll find yourself paying $400 elsewhere for the console plus a bunch of crappy games, saving that 60-odd dollars to put towards a game you actually want to play is a very good idea.

If you’ve spotted any good gaming deals, let the Bargain Hunter know now via the usual address.


    GAME has got it online for $349 with free postage and handling for those who don't have an EB! Also DS Lite for $179 and DSi for $279. PSP 3000 for $269.

      I went to eb to get one but the staff refused to help me... as EB usually does.

      So I Went to Game and and they beat the price... By $1. Apparently they will beat any console price, even if its in a bundle.

    Personally, i loved the title. lol

    no software deals this week??

    I actually appreciate the effort that went into the pun!

    Right, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it; I don't get it.


      If you dont get it, then clearly you are under 20 years old or have no taste in fine Australian music

        Damn my lack of knowledge of Australian music and subsequent frustration at not understanding the pun! Damn you to hell I says!


        Right, so I Googled it and found it. Yep, my knowledge of Australian music is indeed very poor. I'm gonna go torture myself with some Britney Spears or something now.


        LOL Sing dont do something as silly as that - just download some Cold Chisel and listen to that instead!

    I have to admit: it took me awhile. But I smiled when I finally got it :)

    How about this instead:

    "A Sw337 deal on a Wii"?

    Sorry, thats all I got.

    Oh EB actually have a competative price, what do u know?

    offcourse, it always pays to check the tradein value on bundle games. Sometimes it can work out better to buy it with as much crap bundled as possible adn then trade it all back in. its what i plan to do when i eventually buy a 360 or ps3

    maybe if u put a few O's infront of it to get the tune ur reference would be better

    A couple of weeks ago you couldv'e gotton the console for $250 at catchoftheday.

      Yeah, if you were really, really, really lucky. Three of us tried and couldn't even get onto the site until several minutes after I'm guessing they sold out.

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