Bargain Hunter: Get A 2nd MotionPlus For Cheap

There's a good bunch of multiplayer MotionPlus games out now on Wii. Trouble is, you've gotta fork out an extra $30 to enjoy them.

Which is why this deal at Harvey Norman is so enticing.

Until August 30 you can score yourself a second MotionPlus add-on when you pick up either Wii Sports Resort or Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

Both games are already priced competitively at $76 with one MotionPlus, but to get two for that price is something of a steal.


    Harvey Norman at Broadway Shopping Centre (in Sydney) are out of stock on Wii Sports Resort.


    Scored one on Castle Hill NSW, the one on the Hills Homemaker Centre. They're out of motion plus though. It's backordered so you get it when they do. Sweet.

    Hmm i suppose that's a good deal. Saw the Motionplus going for $27 at JB last time i checked

    Noo, there aren't any of those stores near me...well, there are sort of but not a distance I can be stuffed travelling.

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