Bargain Hunter: Half-Price Helghast

Bargain Hunter: Half-Price Helghast

If you’ve been holding off on mounting your own personal invasion of Helghan, this Gamesmen deal could be enough to get you on one of those preposterous open-topped dropships.

Killzone 2 for $49.95? Sold!

Other notable specials over at the Gamesmen right now include Need For Speed: Undercover (360) and Prince of Persia (360) for $30, the Guitar Hero: Metallica PS2 guitar bundle for $100, Wipeout Pulse (PSP) for $10 and—bizarrely—the Frontlines: Fuel of War PC collectors edition for $40.

If you’ve spotted any good gaming deals, let the Bargain Hunter know now via the usual address.


  • Already got Killzone 2, Frontlines and Wipeout Pulse. Undercover is shite, Prince of Persia is meh, Im not interested in Guitar Hero as Im not good at the co-ordination. Looks like Ill be saving my pennies this week.

  • Is gamesmen a webshop or is it a physical store?

    might have to pick up wipeout pulse…

    Also dave, thanks so much for doing these bargain articles. i have already made 2 massive killings in the past couple of weeks (yesterdays RTS for $2 and the “alone in the dark” CE for $19 – hells yeh!)

    No other website i know does this, it really is such a massive help to an obsessive collector on a budget like myself.

    Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

    • Not to downplay Dave’s (and Elly’s) hard work here at Kotaku or anything, but if you’re looking for other bargain trackers is a good choice. I check back with them every now and then since not only do they update with spotted bargains and trade bait deals for new releases (all of which are also sent in as tips), they also upload video game catalogues from different stores regularly.

      So instead of having to trawl through your junk mail or several different websites (within which you have to flick through their online catalogues to get to the actual video games section), ecogamer puts up only the relevant pages, and even notes when the catalogues are valid until.


  • Ah man, Gamesmen stores are in woop woop (no offence to anyone living in those places, just that they’re far away relative to where I am). I’m in no rush to get Killzone 2 though so I’ll wait around some more.

  • Agreed, very much appreciated.
    I’ve been looking to pick up KZ2 for a while but wasn’t impressed enough with the demo to fork out 99 clams.

    • I liked it a lot actually and its worth the dosh if you like first person shooters. Only recently completed KillZone 2 as i was playing it on hard level… thats the best way to play it, its a good challenge. =)

      The online wasnt to bad, I liked how the game changes all the time with new objectives, but i cant say i have played it much online. Might give it a go now i have finished the single player.

      But yeah, for under 50 bucks, you cant go wrong really! =)

  • Not exactly bargain for 2nd hand games or such, but i just came across and man they’re KILLING everybody!!! (eb games, jb hifi, GAME, etc.)

    Check these out:

    AC2 $74 ($89 jbhifi/game, $109 ebgames)
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 $65 ($79 ebgames)
    Uncharted 2 $74 ($89 jbhifi/game, $109 ebgames)
    Tekken 6 $74 ($99 jbhifi, $119 ebgames)
    Batman AA $74 ($99 jbhifi, $119 ebgames)

    Those are crazy dirt cheap price for pre-order, not to mention its free shipping too!

    This is a truly blow to shitty stores like ebgames and all… Internet shopping FTW!

    • You really shouldn’t compare prices with EB Games… Everybody knows they rip people off. Hell, they’re still trying to sell platinum games for their original price. I’ve actually found Big W to be the better place to check out the prices, especially since I picked up the original God of War for $27 from Big W about a week after it was released. Still not quite sure who messed that one up, but it made me happy.

  • I played Killzone 2 when it first came out… didn’t buy it cause i didn’t have the money at the time. But not long after it came out, i couldn’t find it at many places and i could really only find it at EB Games and didn’t wanna pay the $110.

    My local JB never had it, except once and was $100 aswell. I was hoping to look for a $89 special but couldn’t even find it at any Big W, Kmart or Target stores. It was like it was going through a Fallout 3 phase.

    But now, well, this has popped up so i guess i can price match now!! =) Wasn’t expecting it so cheap so, GREAT!

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