Bargain Hunter: Half-Price Wiis and DS Lites

lifestyle_wii_art01How would you like to pay $199 for a Nintendo Wii? Or how about $99 for a Nintendo DS Lite? Here's how.

Over on Catch of the Day from midday today, they're offering 100 Wiis and 100 DS Lites for half their recommended retail price.

It's first in, first served, so good luck.

If you’ve spotted any good gaming deals, let the Bargain Hunter know now via the usual address.

Catch Of The Day Pressure Cooker - Tuesday 25/08 [Ecogamer, thanks Troy!]


    i was listened to! lol

    You might want to note that it starts from midday and it's a new product every hour on the hour, so it's still not confirmed which hour the Wii's and DS's will become available.

    This means much trolling will be required to score these items :)

    Last time they did that, the website was down all day - idiots.

      They're not idiots. They warn everyone beforehand that the server is likely to melt down due to the massive number of hits.
      And besides, it's usually only hard to get to during the first 5-10 minutes of each hour (which is usually about how long it takes for the item in question to sell out).
      Through some miracle I actually managed to score a Wii last time. I'm a little annoyed that their even cheaper this time though!
      I might try to score a DS today. I don't like my chances though.

    Aw, did you have to tell everyone? I want a new DS.

    The problem that now faces me is whether i wanna get the dslite or dsi...

    Awesome prices but good luck getting one they usually only have very limited stock for deals like this.

      Like...ooh I don't know - 100? That's twice the number of words you didn't read in this article.

        What is trolling? Continually refreshing the website after you've logged in?

    Catch of the day servers get molested hard when a deal like this is on....

    Almost no chance of making a purchase due to the flood of people trying to place orders...meh....

    Cheers David,
    You've definitely blown my hopes for a Wii

    Damn. Missed my chance. How often do they do DS Lite sales?

    grab it while you can!!!

    I think this video explains it all... Save money, and find games. Play hard.

    No, you just missed out now - the DS went on sale at nine o clock, but of course the servers were flooded and they sold out by 9:05

    The wii was at 10 .. Got to checkout .. browser locked up .. refresh .. "sorry the wii is sold out please remove" ...ARGH

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