Bargain Hunter: Is Alone In The Dark Worth $20?

Bargain Hunter: Is Alone In The Dark Worth $20?

As one of the few people who seemed to like the fifth in the Alone in the Dark series, I’d say it’s absolutely worth 20 of your money points. There’s a few other deals over at the GAME website too.

But what’s weird about this Alone in the Dark deal is that it’s the Xbox 360 Limited Edition going for just $19. The standard edition is still $59. So they’re paying you 40 bucks to take a Carnby figurine, soundtrack, art book and making of DVD off their hands. Which is nice.

Other worthwhile software on the GAME site going cheap includes:

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (360) $29 Blue Dragon (360) $29 Far Cry 2 (360, PS3) $44 Far Cry 2 (PC) $39 Fight Night Round 4 (PS3) $69 Fire Emblem (Wii) $59 Forza 2 (360) $19 House Of The Dead: Overkill Bang Bang Box (Wii) $69 Mass Effect (360) $29 Prototype (360, PS3) $79 Resistance 2 (PS3) $49 Saints Row 2 (360, PS3) $44 Viva Pinata 2 (360) $29

Also, if you’re looking for an extra controller, you can get a Dual Shock 3 for $69 and a black 360 controller for $49.

If you’ve spotted any good gaming deals, let the Bargain Hunter know now via the usual address.


  • Mass Effect for $30, nice.

    Was considering getting it on download (my preference), so will this deal last until we can see the actual price of Mass Effect on demand?

      • That is how it is priced in the preview of the dashboard update. Microsoft have so far declined to comment on whether this price will remain when the dashboard update hits on Wednesday.

  • i just ordered alone in the dark, reviews for it were okay and if i dont like i can give it to someone for xmas XD

  • Yeah really didn’t like the game all that much. Too many problems mainly in the driving scene. Can’t remember ever being so frustrated with a game. Other then that it wasn’t too bad, great fire effects

  • What’s the general opinion on the music? If it’s well regarded enough, that alone might make it worth giving it a tty…

  • I also really enjoyed the game. Seems the biggest complaint I heard was people whinging that flame bullets were too hard to make/making them slowed down the game too much. But they never bothered hotkeying them to speed the whole thing up. Granted the tentacle part was a grind (and could have been shorter) but I still thoroughly enjoyed the game and ordered this edition of it on saturday.

    • Yeah, you really have to hotkey your weapon combinations. The driving sections were pretty bad, but I quite enjoyed the rest of the zombie killing.

  • I just ordered it. I think I’ll hate it, but I figure I can always sell the game for $10 or so at EB/JB/wherever and keep the other stuff.

  • Blue Dragon is pretty fun, but quite frustrating at just how many secret chests and nooks and crannies for potions are absolutely everywhere. Prepare for RSI from spamming A at every indentation in every wall.

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