Bargain Hunter: Real-Time Strategy For Just Two Bucks

There are bargains. And then there are bargains. This surely falls into the latter category.

Right now, EB is offering Sega's Universe At War: Earth Assault for just $2.

That's two dollars.

For a pretty decent PC real-time strategy game, it's hard to say no at that price. Universe At War: Earth Assault - ONLY $2 [Ecogamer]



    Surely thats a mistake?

      No mistake, bought mine for $2 an hour ago.

      It was marked at $10 but scanned at $2 and was in the bargain bin.

    Someone beat me to the copies from the Perth Hay St store. Doh!

      Doh!, did you try the one in the mall?

    OMG MUST BUY. But am too lazy to walk to EB. It's like, 15 minutes away! My stumpy gamer legs simply will not carry me that far.

      You're that lazy, and you don't have a Segway?

        i think i just loled my pants...

    I thought the picture was supreme commander and now I feel very let down.

    Just called up and got one put aside to pick up tomorrow!!!!!!!! What a steal!

    PS: Harbourtown in Perth is also out.

    i've sent my gf down to pick up a copy seeing as i'm stuck at work. lol

    damnit I bought it at an extortionate $8 on steam a while back...its a pretty inefficient game engine (empire plays better on my laptop) and I didn't really get into it.

    Just picked up a copy, I was going to pick up 2 for lan, but this was the last one they had.

    If any of you want to actually get this you'd best be hurrying, seems to be selling rather quickly.

    I bought it for $10 about two weeks ago, simply for the price. Haven't finished campaign yet, buts its pretty neat.

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