Bargain Hunter: Save The World On The Cheap [Updated]

Bargain Hunter: Save The World On The Cheap [Updated]

We’re all about Steve Purcell this morning. First, he’s painting Monkey Island; now, his creations are available on the cheap.

CDWow have the Wii version of Sam & Max Save The World going for under fifty bucks. $47.16, to be exact. Save The World is the entire first season to Telltale’s resurrection of Purcell’s characters. It’s damn good.

They also have Moon on DS going for a miserly $40.76, a price I’m finding hard to refuse.

UPDATE: Scratch all that. Reader Matt K has spotted a far, far better deal. DVD Crave have Sam & Max for Wii currently going for just $17.46. That is, frankly, an insane price.

If you’ve spotted any good gaming deals, let the Bargain Hunter know now via the usual address.


  • Ummmm…….you can get this on steam for $29.99 USD, which works out to a bit over $35 Australian Dollars.

    Also I’ve found the Wii version on eBay from Australian sellers for under $30.

  • I picked the Wii version up a few months ago from some online retailer for about $17 after it was mentioned on

    As I type this I’m playing the 360 version.

    The Wii version doesn’t seem to be able to handle the dialogue without regular pauses, and clips towards the end of most sentences. As a result, a lot of the comedic timing is lost.

    I traded it in before rebuying it on xbla, and have to say that it’s a far superior experience. Much smoother gameplay, seamless dialogue sequences, and less loading-time overall.

    I’d like to play Telltale’s new Monkey Island episodes, but without a decent PC I’m going to wait until they’re hopefully released on xbla. If the Wii version is anything like Sam and Max it’s almost not worth playing, unfortunately.

    Of course, if your only option is the Wii, it’s still better than most other games for the system.

  • Ebay prices arent really considered stores and you cant always garuntee that your getting a brand new and not stolen merchandise so its prices dont really count

    but yes its been cheaper on steam for quite some time plus youll still be able to play it in 20 years time just tello windows ’30 to run in compatability mode for win xp 😀

  • 9.99 at harvey norman on the weekend in their game sale, also selling other stuff like x360 Guitar Hero WT for 29.99

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