Batman Studio Rocksteady Named In Hitman 5 Development

Are Batman: Arkham Asylum developers Rocksteady Studios working on the next Hitman game? British voice actor and motion capture suit wearer Mark Sloan says they are. But in what capacity?

Probably not as much as Hitman series developer IO Interactive—developers of the first four games in the Eidos published series—might be. While Sloan may list Rocksteady Limited as responsible for motion capture duties on a "Hitman 5", that may simply be due to geographical convenience. Publisher Eidos owns a portion of Rocksteady, which is conveniently located in London. IO Interactive is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, a bit of a drive and swim for someone like Sloan.

Employees at Eidos and IO Interactive ranking high and low have already made public their intentions to develop a Hitman 5, even if Eidos hasn't officially announced the game's existence. Development responsibilities could have switched, freeing up IO to work on games like Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and Mini Ninjas, but we're willing to bet that Londoners Rocksteady are simply lending a hand in the motion capture department.

We're checking in with Eidos, Rocksteady and IO Interactive to get the story straight and will update if we hear back.

Mark Sloan [CastingCallPro - thanks, Garret!]


    I don't know what this means exactly...

    but WHOEVER developed the past Hitman games especially BLOOD MONEY, BETTER BE developing Hitman 5.

    I cannot wait and there hasn't even been an announcement, release date, screenshot! WOW! WICKED! CAN'T WAIT!

    Hitman vs Splinter Cell would have been nice for a release date. But, woo hoo bring it ON!

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