Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ships In March

"When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ships in March, it will deliver the best online multiplayer experience ever," Karl Magnus Troedsson, Battlefield's executive producer announced today. We'll know soonish.

Publisher EA announced that the DICE's next military shooter will ship for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 2 in the US and March 5 in Europe. The news, tied to EA's ongoing Gamescom press conference, was announced today.

EA's press release notes that the game will include 15 vehicles in its single-player campaign and online modes, along with 46 customisable weapons and an enhanced environmental destruction system.

Check back for more EA Gamescom coverage all week.


    awesome, i was sooooo looking forward to this, i loved the first one, especially Haggard, so a sequel is always welcome... and at least this way, i get 4 months with Modern Warfare 2 before delving into BC2

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