Battlefield Heroes' 1.5 Million Players Have Spent A LOT Of Money

Battlefield Heroes is a living, breathing experiment in online gaming for Electronic Arts. It's also one that I'm particularly fond of. But just how successful has it been for the company?

Going by these numbers, I'd say "very". EA have sat down with the game's statistics and whittled them down into some palatable, practical numbers. Like:

- There are around 1.5 million people counted as "users". Whether they're active users or that's the all-time registration count wasn't specified.

- 50.4% of players are Nationals, 49.6% are Royals. That's an amazingly narrow margin for a game played by so many people.

- 40% of players choose to play as Commandos, 37% are Soldiers, and 23% are Gunners.

- EA say that, on average, each player in the game has spent $US20, mostly on upgraded outfits for their soldiers. Multiply $US20 by 1.5 million people and you get $US30 million. Not bad for a game that's supposedly "free".

Seeing as I'm a Royal Commando who's spent around $US10 on the game, I'd say those numbers are spot-on. Except for maybe the class breakdowns. I seem to always end up on maps full of Gunners...

By the Numbers: Battlefield Heroes [IGN]


    why the hell would anyone pay $20 on battlefield heroes? what a waste of money
    the Orange Box only cost $20 on steam

      your name is offensive bj!!! also battlefield heroes looks awsome :D. Some people do not like team fortress 2 or half life, i personally hate the living crap of portal.

      I said it. PORTAL SUCKED.

        Oh my gawd! I'm telling!

    Seeing as I'm a [cant remember class or team] who has registerd, played half a round and realised it was shit; then never spent a cent I'd say those figures aren't even close to 'spot-on'..

    Yeah but he makes a good point. Who would be stupid/vain enough to pay $10 for a pair of digital pants, when you can buy something fantastic like The Secret of Monkey Island for that price.

    Battlefield Heroes is a good game, but like 'premium themes' and the new 'premium avatard clothes' on the Xbox, it's a shameless grab for cash aimed towards 12 year olds who get a hold of their mum's credit card, 30-somethings who think they'll get into this 'hip' gaming thing, and vain people with more money than sense

    No sane person pays for digital clothes

      Yes I would pay the 10 dollars to look cooler in a game I liked, weird right? Maybe I'm the market that doesn't involve 10 year olds stealing their mummys credit cards.

      Like my friend who bought two full costumes for his Xbox avatar... I'm assuming he spent at least $12-14 AUD on that crap.

        Yannow, you could buy real pants for $10 as well. Sure they're probably not the greatest quality but I'm just throwing that out there...


    Why don't you like Portal? Too hard for your little brain to handle?

    I might be wrong but i think i read it was $20 on average per player who actually paid, not all players, which probably makes it much less than $30 million.

    Your original quote of 20 dollars per person is wrong , therefore making your final outcome of 30M WAAY out. (lol)

    The 20 dollar figure is based on players that DO spend money in game. Not ALL players spend money.

    The game is fantastic, and you don't need to spend a cent to enjoy it, I haven't(im not paying for clothes) yet im ranked in the top 400 players.

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