Revamp "Similar To Xbox Live"

You can partly blame for the delay of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty into 2010, but based on the capabilities that Activision Blizzard execs are promising for the service, it's clear Blizzard has their work cut out for them.

On top of developing StarCraft II, Diablo III and whatever World of Warcraft expansions the developer is cooking, Blizzard is adding "social networking features, cross-game communication, unified account management" and more to the new

Mike Morhaime, president and a co-founder of Blizzard, says that the revamped will let players "connect, communicate and share experiences with each other [...]regardless of which Blizzard games they are playing."

Activision boss Bobby Kotick says the cross-game service will be "similar to Xbox Live," wording that may send a chill down the spine of those wary of plans to monetize

Morhaime says the service will be integrated more tightly with StarCraft II than any previous Blizzard game.


    For a longtime fan of Starcraft and Blizzard, I am deeply upset at the prospect of monetizing Battlenet. I mean wtf? Battlenet was always free... and now they have taken away LAN???

    I have always dreaded the Activision takeover and now it has started finally to bear fruit...
    or should I say bear milk? Milk Milk Milk.

      Well like XBL, you don't HAVE to pay for wouldn't go that far). Though ofcourse we don't yet know what features are restricted to only to paying customers.

      Fucking Activision...

        Monetizing Blizzard more than it already is? 3 versions of the same game, and World of Warcraft. Mate, don't blame Activision.

    This isn't confirmation that Blizztavision are actually charging for the service yet.

    Remember that Xbox Live on the PC is actually free!

    I suspect the new will be more like akin to Steam, offering downloads (which they do already) along with friends lists and achievements.

    I'd prefer that we stay as far away from Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live as possible, thankyou. The matchmaking system they have for Dawn of War II is hideous. It makes me wish I never bought the game. It's so bad, I cannot begin to describe without sitting here for an hour and ranting. Just... don't do it, Blizzard, for the love of the Gods.

      Blizzard are using Battlenet, and they said that it's going to a high quality match-making experience, blah blah blah.

      I think they were purposly poking at DoW2 and Microsofts TrueSkill with their comments.

    I am still greatly disappointed by the lack of LAN support. I built my very first network ever specifically for the original starcraft back in the days of coaxial cable. Ruined more than one pair of pants crawling around under my house running cable and then re-running it when I upgraded to CAT-5. And now they are talking about online only multiplayer with restrictions for the non-paying users. That sir is b*llsh*t! My only hope is that somebody with programming knowledge is able to create something that will emulate the server and intercept packets from the game then redirecting them over a local network. That way you could trick the game into thinking it is online when it is actually playing locally with other machines via a background application.

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