Best Buy Ad Also Confirms 360 Price Drops

We've been getting a lot of snapshots of Xbox 360 price drop ads lately, and of course there's also the truism that all Microsoft rumours are real.

But I guess it helps to add Best Buy to Wal-Mart and Meijer's upcoming ads showing a price drop for the Xbox 360 Elite and Pro.

According to our Best Buy tipster, the price drop hits next week. The ad lists the white 60GB Xbox 360 Pro as $US249 and the black 120GB Xbox 360 Elite as $US299, matching the Playstation 3's size, price and even colour.

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    I'm totally confused.

    Without an elite price-drop, the elite would be the most expensive console on the market. It's not the standard model, but the most expensive overall? Where as the PS3 was just in general, the most expensive.

    So how much is a Pro then, not on sale? Is a Pro usually $299 (the price of the Slim) and the Elite $399 ($100 cheaper than the Fat PS3 before the Slim's announcement?)

    SO why would MS, just ditch a Pro then? The White is what the 360 is known for. To ditch that to make the Elite the standard by lowering the price to same level as PS3 to not be the most expensive.

    Why not jsut reduce all of the prices. The Pro say, $229 and the Elite $299. You will still get sales on the $229. Now they only have 2 options and if they do release a replacement to the Elite, or in this case a 3rd SKU above the Elite, then it will be more expensive than the PS3 and from what i'm aware, MS don't want that. UNless they're cool having ONE SKU more pricier.

    UNless MS announce a new SKU more expensive than the Elite but cheaper than the rumoured 250GB PS3 Slim which will be more than $350.

      My guess is both the Pro and Elite as we know them now will be phased out shortly. A new SKU will be announced soon and retail for US$299. It is likely to have at least a 120GB hard drive and unlikely to be black.

      No inside info here, just an educated guess.

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