Best Buy Now Matching GameStop's Used Prices On New Games

Electronics retailer Best Buy is firing a shot at competitors GameStop and Game Crazy, offering a price match guarantee on video games that would match prices on new titles against other retailers' used prices. Yeah, that is awesome.

One Cheap Ass Gamer snapped this photo highlighting the promotion at a West Jordan, Utah area Best Buy. The offer boasts that the store "now price matches NEW video games at USED prices from Gamestop or Game Crazy." GameStop's used pricing tends to be about $US5 less than the retail price on new releases, a decent savings on brand new games, but not out of line with pre-existing deals offered by Best Buy.

We're currently waiting to hear back from Best Buy on the finer details of the promotion. It's not clear how many of Best Buy's retail locations are offering this price match guarantee. Obviously, we'll let you know if this is just a test and just how this program will work.

If this policy rolls out at Best Buys nationwide, it's possible that it could impact GameStop and Game Crazy's used game sales business, but maybe not as substantially as some might hope.

Best Buy Price Matching New Games at Used Prices from GameStop and Game Crazy [Cheap arse Gamer]


    I dont mean to seem offensive or ungrateful, but why do we need to see information on deals for stores that are only located in the USA on the australian version of kotaku?

      Because in this case it's an interesting industry phenomenon that has potentially broader implications. Sure, we're not going to bring you news of a 50% off sale at Gamestop in Idaho, but something like this is worth noting.

        Agreed he must be pissed they ain't doing the same thing in Aus, I know i am.

        I completely agree, although this is only for America, this is quite a significant change in the way 2nd hand games might be priced and will possibly be adopted in Australia if it's successful :D

    EB will just hike up their used games.

    Nice but i think something is missing.

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