Bethesda Have “No Plans” For More Elder Scrolls

Bethesda Have “No Plans” For More Elder Scrolls
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On this week’s instalment of No Plans Watch: Bethesda’s Todd Howard, speaking at QuakeCon 09 on the future of the Elder Scrolls series now that his company is officially done with Fallout 3.

Answering fan questions on the subject, Howard said that there are “no current plans” for a fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series.

A little disappointing, true, but remember, “no current plans” only means no current plans. Plans change. And hey, maybe he’s just being coy, and they’re working on Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion II!

QuakeCon 2009: Todd Howard keynote highlights [Big Download]


  • Why would it be Oblivion II?
    They’ve never done a direct sequel to any of the Elder Scroll adventures. It’s always a new map & all.

    And the title makes it sounds like they’re not making anymore EVER again.

    Its Fallout: New Vegas – whatever that is. Probably like a Halo 3: ODST for Fallout 3.

    Perhaps they should just do more new IP. I can’t say just move on from doing the same thing, when Fallout was something new. But after the 5 DLC and New Vegas – perhaps another new thing from. I’m sure they’re good at something else and perhaps something other than RPGs.

    • Fallout: New Vegas is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, not Bethesda. Obsidian being full of Ex-Black Isler’s who dev’ed on both the Originals.

      Its based on the West Coast, so will no doubt have more references to the Original Fallouts than the recent one. Until there’s more details, cant really say what it will be…but no doubt they will be using Bethesda’s Engine, so hopefull its close to what Fallout 3 was.

      I was never fond of TES anyway, Id rather they make more Fallout than TES. But thats just my taste.

  • Nah Jay they tried an fps called fallout 3 and it was pretty shitty they should get back to making games like morrowind.

  • I thought Bethesda already made comments regarding making another Elder Scrolls… but I guess not. It kinda sucks really, Oblivion was good, but Fallout 3 was so much better in terms of structure and how it immersed you in its environment. If they can make a new Fallout or new Oblivion this generation that tops Fallout 3 then im in like flint.

  • I enjoyed Oblivion
    but then also enjoyed Fallout
    possibly because they were so very similar
    but that was the fun of it
    plus it was fun to have guns
    though I ended up just running around hitting ppl with Baseball bats in Fallout anyway.
    good times

  • And everybody over at Tamriel Rebuilt breathes a huge sigh of relief as they realise everything that have developed with the Oblivion engine will not be made redundant in two more years.

  • Me </3 Bethesda

    Seriously. Yeah, Fallout 3 was good… but good enough to re-release the same game in Vegas?

    Look, I really love the Oblivion engine, but I think it needs more than to be shoved from one franchise to the next: how about a modern day RPG? a superhero RPG? Seriously, there are more genres than ‘ye olde unoriginal RPG’ and ‘post-apocalyptic’ and the famous ‘pew pew! Lasers! Star Wars! Zoom!’.

    Bring on some creativity. No way in hell I’m buying Fallout: New Vegas, but I would give a kidney to play a superhero RPG with the same engine.

    • And don’t tell to get City of Heroes or Champions Online. I want a game I can get with a one time payment, not a monthly rent.

      • I too would love to see a new setting of RPG, saying that I still love both Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

        Maybe somthing along the lines of World of Darkness if they can get the game rights
        Loved Vampire the Masquarade

  • Morrowind is probably in my top 5 RPGs of all time. For me, Oblivion felt like Morrowind with a lot of it’s complexity and depth stripped out and tossed aside, replaced with pretty visuals (ie. it got the console makeover).
    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think Oblivion was a bad game per-se and I probably still would’ve bought the next installment, but the IP is simply “meh, whatever” for me now. As such, I’m not particularly upset by this latest news.

  • Sir Morrowind was on the Xbox, without nowt removed from the PC version. While oblivions engine was an upgrade in the graphics dept. I too thought of everything acheived on the Xbox, not being acheived on the 360 many years later. That was disappointing…. Bethesda need to figure a way to cater to the less serious gamer but still leave that depth there for others to fully explore and take advantage of. In the end though I wouldn’t contest the fact i’ve probably spent about 2000 gaming hours in Morrowind, Tamriel and the Capitol Wastes.

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