Bionic Commando Developers GRIN In Big, Big Trouble

Poor GRIN. For a little while there, people were excited with the games the Swedish devs were putting out! Then they went and released some awful, awful games. And now they're on the brink of oblivion.

In the wake of a round of layoffs earlier this year, it's now being reported that the company have closed their studios in Barcelona and Gothenburg, while employees at GRIN HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, are also being "told not to show up for work".

We've contacted GRIN for confirmation, and will update if we hear back from them.

If true, it's a sad fate for the company behind Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Then again, you may not be as sad if you paid for Wanted. Or Terminator Salvation. Or Bionic Commando...

Report: Developer GRIN Sees More Layoffs, Potential Studio Closures [Gamasutra]


    Kinda sad... The guys over at Giant Bomb had the GRIN guys over on their podcasts a fair few times and they seemed like pretty awesome dudes.

    But this is what happens if you're games aren't up to par.

    This does suck. I enjoyed a lot of what Bionic Commando offered. The section where you travel uphill on a city street taking on multiple biomechs, was really good.

    It's just SUCH A SHAME they chose to make the game LINEAR!!?

    Personally, when I thought about the concept of playing as a soldier, with a giant grappling cable on one arm, traversing through a destroyed city FULL of enemy units, I automatically thought "this is going to play like an epic recon mission!" And proceeded to wet my pants.

    With that idea in mind, if Grin made Bionic Commando an open-world game broken up into LARGE multiple sectors with enemy soldiers and biomechs littered all over the city...? Well, it would've been huge.

    Come across two or three guards? No worries, take em out. Accidently swing into a street with four biomechs and soldiers on gun turrets? Time to get the f*** outta Dodge! THIS would have made an amazing Bionic Commando game.

    I was hoping Grin might've figured this out and attempted a sequel. Guess that's never going to happen


    Sorry fellas, but why everytime I try and post a comment in the US section it reverts to the AU section?

    Are us Aussies not good enough for American ears? =P haha

    Can you drop my big comment above on the US comments pleaaaaase? Thanks!

    (pls delete my ATTN: Grin comments)

    Did they get to big too fast?

    BC:R was great, but that shouldn't have given them licence to create 3 new titles. Especially going from a 3D sidescroller to 3 3D games!

    Wanted weapons of fate was bad but was better than there other games

    they probsably should of focused there efforts into one awesome game instead of 3 mediocre games

    I hate those fake retro fans that always whine how Bionic Commando should have been open world. Hmm lets think about that, Bionic commando: Rearmed was much Linear so why shouldn't the 3D adaption also?

      On that logic, Grand Theft Auto should have never gone 3D because the first two games were Top-down...?

      Viva la Stagnation!

    Wanted: Weapons of Fate was actually pretty fun. But yeah, about those other games...

    I enjoyed Bionic Commando. I think its good points far outweigh its bad. I was looking forward to a sequal ;_;

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