BioShock 2 Beach Event Sends Its Message In Bottles

Rapture-ready wine bottles washed up on beaches this morning for BioShock 2's heavily anticipated viral marketing event. Kotaku readers from all over the world sent in pics of what they found.

Paul S. in England writes that "40ish bottles" washed ashore on Brighton Beach sometime before 5:37 a.m. Netherlands reader Soulofaqua described the discovery at The Hague as "sort of disappointing". The posters found in the bottles didn't give up much about the new game.

Reader Saddler B. in Vancouver, Andrew B. at Jones Beach, New York, and Shane K. at Santa Monica also sent in snaps. Check em out in our gallery.



    There's an irony here that alcohol on Bondi Beach is an offence worthy of an on-the-spot-fine and confiscation. :-)

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