BioShock Movie Gets A New Director

Last we'd heard, the BioShock movie had been put on hold while studio execs looked for a cheaper place to film, along with a new director. Looks like they've found the latter.

According to SlashFilm, Spaniard Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will replace Gore Verbinski in the director's chair (though Verbinski will remain as a "producer"). Never heard of Fresnadillo? He's the guy who directed 28 Weeks Later, and...nothing else you've ever heard of.


Whether you liked his zombie sequel or not (brilliant opening aside, I hated it), replacing Verbinski with a relative unknown is certainly a step down for the production, which was—courtesy of the big-name director and big-time budget—at one time being hailed in this post-Peter-Jackson-Halo world as Hollywood's first crack at really taking a game adaptation seriously.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo To Direct Bioshock [SlashFilm]


    That's ok, I loved 28 days/weeks later and I guess bioshock is the same sort of adventure/horror type story.

    But yeah, It does seem like a step down.

    It would still probably be good movie. cant wait to watch it

    What about Uwe Boll...?

      That man is a champion.

        If by 'champion' you mean making gobshite movies and acting like a complete tool before, during, and after filming, then yes - I agree!

        If I ever met Uwe Boll I would shoot him to make sure he couldn't make any more game adaptations. Its not just that I don't like his movies, there are plenty of bad directors, but he gives game adaptations a bad name and ruins the chance of anyone making a good movie out of a game that he's already done.

    as long as it's better than DOOM everyone is happy

      That's the spirit, aim low!

      I must be the only person in existance who enjoyed Doom

      I mean it was terrible but it's a guilty pleasure - so bad its good kinda thing

      Oh well, heres hoping this is good (not bad good, but good good)

        The first one minute of Doom was good. It was all creepy, scientists being picked off by monsters. Then the cheesy rock music started. It all went down hill from there.

        The only other part I liked was when the guys fighting that demon dog thing near the end. That only went for 20 seconds or something anyway.

    Hopefully this is a good move. A less well-known director will have less to lose and might actually try to make a decent movie out of it rather than EXPLOSION, dialogue, EXPLOSION, dialogue, EXPLOSION, BIGGER EXPLOSION, WIN.

    I'm not holding my breath though.

    Well, might as well just expect it to a huge steaming pile of crap like all the other Video Game movies...

    And if it actually turns out decent, we can be pleasantly surprised.

    If it turns out crap, we wont have gotten our hopes up.

    Well... Luke got it right, this is a huge step down. I'm massively less interested.

    i dont like it!

    Mark my words, if they don't get a well known director than this movie is going to be an Epic Fail in terms of ratings, however, I think a Bioshock movie is going to be guaranteed commercial success no matter who the director is....

    Oh great zombie flick director, why on earth must hollywood support shite whilst good ideas languish?


    Nuff said

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