BlazBlue Coming To Europe In 2010 With New Characters

European fighter fans who haven't already imported Arc System Works' BlazBlue will be rewarded for their patience early next year, with exclusive characters and moves only available in the European release.

The release comes as a result of publisher PQube and Zen United, a consortium of Japanese and Asian developers targeting the European market. The title will be fully localised, with support for German, Italian, French, English, and Spanish, so just about everyone can be confused by the twisted storyline of this lovely little fighting game.

"The long running 2D fighting genre has seen a welcome boost in 2009 with updated versions of several franchises brought to Next Gen PS3 and 360 consoles" and Tomo Ohno, Head of Zen United, reported "BlazBlue reached number 1 in the Japanese arcades and already sales of the Japanese and US console versions have beaten forecasts".

The European PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release will feature bonus content, including a strategy guide and the game's soundtrack, and the announcement makes mention of "new gameplay content not available anywhere, like new characters and moves."

No word on what exclusive characters Europe will be getting, but it's definitely nice to see folks on that side of the pond getting rewarded for their patience. And for those of you who already bought it, there is no shame in rebuying.


    My fightsick purchase has now been justified!

      Damn, to think i imported the game on ps3... Hope we can download the new characters!

    That include Australia or no?

      While a local release would be nice, a European release is all we need to be able to import a playable version for 360.

        How so? I thought you could only get it through Xbox Live? Regardless, it should come out here with Europe, they usually do (don't they..?)


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