BlizzCon Cosplay Round-Up: We’ve Got Purple Girl

BlizzCon Cosplay Round-Up: We’ve Got Purple Girl

A good photographer communicates what they are looking at through the pictures they take. I swear I was not stalking the purple Drenai girl.

The difference between BlizzCon and your more general gaming conventions from a cosplay standpoint, is that there really is a whole lot less variety here. You’ve seen one attractive, six and a half foot tall Draenai girl and you’ve seen them all, right? Sure, I might have seen more of that one than was strictly necessary, but I’ve got two shots of the Tauren as well, and that doesn’t make me a stalker. It just makes me hungry.

It’s the hooves. This poor girl’s legs must hurt like hell.[imgclear]

No comment.[imgclear]
There is no cow cosplay.[imgclear]
Can I use the term wench in this case without getting in trouble?[imgclear]
Blood Elves and Some Guy![imgclear]
She has ears, it counts.[imgclear]
Okay, maybe I have three shots of the Tauren.[imgclear]
This guy knows how to pose.[imgclear]
This will give you a good idea of the height difference.[imgclear]
Yep, there’s that cow again.[imgclear]
Take these broken wings….[imgclear]
Some tail.[imgclear]
Dangerous pair.[imgclear]
Hi, random elf girl![imgclear]
Hi, random elf girl’s friend![imgclear]
One busy paladin.[imgclear]
Draenai are definitely a popular costume choice this year.[imgclear]
What? She’s busy![imgclear]


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