BlizzCon Cosplay Round-Up: We've Got Purple Girl

A good photographer communicates what they are looking at through the pictures they take. I swear I was not stalking the purple Drenai girl.

The difference between BlizzCon and your more general gaming conventions from a cosplay standpoint, is that there really is a whole lot less variety here. You've seen one attractive, six and a half foot tall Draenai girl and you've seen them all, right? Sure, I might have seen more of that one than was strictly necessary, but I've got two shots of the Tauren as well, and that doesn't make me a stalker. It just makes me hungry.

It's the hooves. This poor girl's legs must hurt like hell.

No comment.

There is no cow cosplay.

Can I use the term wench in this case without getting in trouble?

Blood Elves and Some Guy!

She has ears, it counts.

Okay, maybe I have three shots of the Tauren.

This guy knows how to pose.

This will give you a good idea of the height difference.

Yep, there's that cow again.

Take these broken wings....


Some tail.

Dangerous pair.

Hi, random elf girl!

Hi, random elf girl's friend!

One busy paladin.

Draenai are definitely a popular costume choice this year.

What? She's busy!


    "One busy paladin."

    its a priest ;)

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