Blur Will Be Out In November

Well, here's one game not peeing its pants at the first sight of the words "Modern Warfare 2". Activision (which probably explains it) announced today that Blur will be out in November. November 2009.

The racer—Bizarre's first since leaving the Project Gotham series behind—hasn't exactly captured the public's hearts and minds to date, probably because...well, the idea of cars shooting electricity seems a bit silly when it's done outside WipeOut. But hey, it's Bizarre, so come November, we'll know for sure whether Blur is of the same calibre as the top-notch PGR series.

It's out in North America on November 3, while Europe will get it on November 6. In case you've forgotten, the game's coming on 360, PS3 and PC.


    Haven't purchased a racing game since Dirt believe it or not. But with this, Split Second and FUEL which i wanna give a crack - i'm keen for some racing adventures.

    I'm surprised i haven't given any attention to Burnout Paradise, but then what can compare to Burnout 3: Takedown!?

    Forza and Gran Turismo only boils the pot further.

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