Blur's Store-Exclusive Preorder Benefits

Bizarre Creation's combat racer Blur is speeding to store shelves this November, and which store you buy it from determines what bonus gear you drive off with.

As usual, GameStop winds up with the best incentive to preorder the game, with a "Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit" that gives players "unparalleled multiplayer benefits." Those benefits include unlocking the powerful Ford Bronco in multiplayer, a survival multiplayer mode, and double the fans for the first ten multiplayer races you participate in, which translates to more cash for more upgrades.

GameCrazy preorders cut out the middle man, delivering double the cash for your first three single player races.

Finally we have Best Buy, which instead of a preorder bonus is offering up a day one purchase bonus in the form of an unlock code for the 600 horsepower Dodge Hennessey Viper.

These store exclusives are becoming sillier each day, aren't they?


    At the end of the day, the consumer goes to the cheapest i would say. I know i do.

    Do they really think people are gonna go nuts over this. Well for a car game anyway. There are plenty of other cars to choose from. And its NEW IP not a franchise or anything. And it's not gonna affect the game if they don't have it. Much like people think Assassin's Creed 2 and its extra quests are gonna rob them of a proper game etc...

    The developers of this are the same behind the PGR series, this game uses the PGR4 engine if the visuals and handling is like PGR4 then i think this will be brilliant. Also they really need a better box art if they expect it to sell well.

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