Booth Babes, Cosplayers And Mascots: You're Not Doing It Right

Gamescom has a lot going for it but, with a few admirable exceptions, cosplay and booth babes shouldn't be included in that list.

The modelling was light and the cosplay often stuck somewhere between frightening and confusing. Here, you be the judge.


    There is one exception here, Lulu from FFX actually looks pretty decent, and the rabbids are kinda cool but fitness first?! why would you bother....

    I dont think some people quite get what cosplay is. Some of them arnt even game or anime characters.

    I like raiden the best. Ive seen it before though. is it the same person?

    moar hot chikz

    Best is the tf2-ers with that sweet intel case - greatness!

    Yep, the TF2 folks and the Rabbids are awesome.

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