Borderlands Box Art Might Blow Your Mind

Gearbox Software let loose final box art for Borderlands today, certainly one of the more unique game covers we've seen this year. Really, how often do you see what appear to be in-game assets on the front of the box?

With the exception of game compilations like Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection the odd Nintendo Touch Generations game, it's rare that in-game models graduate from the back of the box. Since Borderlands not-cel-shaded presentation looks lovely, it still makes for some attractive box art.

Oddly, that little collage of game screen shots in the "brains" portion of the box art still features what appears to be Borderlands old look. We remember that screen shot from ages ago.


    Wow, I like it.

    I don't know if it's really a very good design.

      Well hell mate its the internet! Comment anyway!

    pretty bloody awesome if you ask me.

    It's very indy art i say...

    thumbs up

    After the bland box art for Uncharted 2, and the just plain cheesy art for Mass Effect 2, this is awesome!




    Very different but great.

    Kinda reminds me of those 1950's type era of posters. Like the Cambells etc... There is a Wii game that has a similar cover and an article a few weeks back showed all different concepts the artists designed.

    The colours and the posing of the dude is wicked.


    it does looks a bit Tarantion/grindhouse

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