Bowling Ball Attachment Helps You Destroy TV Better

Actually, for the bowling-obsessed Wii gamer, this isn't as ridiculous as it looks. CTA Digital's put together a bowling peripheral to provide extra realism for the seven bowling titles. No, it's not supposed to roll.

But it's a lead pipe lock somewhere, someone is going to throw this thing through mama's flat panel, even with that wrist strap and the finger grips. Someone standing close to the screen could still bash it if it flew out of their hand, strap attached. Then again, if you are this serious about bowling, you're probably good enough not to lose your grip like a dork.

Wii Bowling Ball Accessory Looks Dangerous [Video Games Blogger]


    If this comes out at a reasonably cheap price, I'd be tempted to pick it up. Even if it doesn't get used often and just sits as a decoration on my shelf. It'd look good next to the Dreamcast fishing rod.

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