Britain Gets A 360 Price Increase

While there are 360 price cuts on the horizon in the US market, in Britain, consumers don't have things as easy, because instead of price cuts, Microsoft have instead announced an impending price increase.

According to a report on Eurogamer - who spoke with ShopTo and another "corroborating independent retail chain source" - Microsoft sent an email to stores this morning that the recommended retail price of an Xbox 360 Arcade unit will be raised from £130 to £160 (USD$210 to $US260).

The price of first-party accessories and peripherals will also go up, though in this case only by "one or two pounds". The price of the Elite was not mentioned (though interestingly, the Pro model wasn't mentioned at all, lending further credence to the rumours of its imminent demise).

Apparently the price hike is down to a poor exchange rate between the British Pound and the Euro.

MS increases Arcade 360 price in UK [Eurogamer]


    Good tactic i say.

    With Xbox sales not really slowing down compared to the PS3 & Wii (altho the Wii is still selling more weekly, but decreasing month to month), it makes sense that they would do this.

    Its not MS being M$ - cause they're always M$, its business.

    People are gonna always expect price drops to the point that they're cheaper than the PS2. With this generation looking to go for a minimum of another 3-4 years (some people would even question that, but developers really have the final say. If they refuse, then a new console will be a disaster for the makers) it is clear that a move that ISN'T a price drop is understandable.

    A weak dollar/pound.
    Sales aren't decreasing rapidly.
    New SKU coming out VERY soon.

    An increase of not that much isn't going to harm sales. Especially when majority of people buy bundles so it kinda evens out a little and people will buy more with a new SKU and Holidays coming out and then a price drop back to old RRP next year perhaps.

    You also can't expect so many price-drops to the fact that Manufacturers are losing so much money with each console sold.

    Wow, that's going to look even better with the whole PS3 update thing.

    Amazing how companies will gladly increase a price when exchange rates are worse, but when that situation improves considerably and stays that way for a long time *cough* Australia *cough* then nothing changes at all....

      Well all they have to do is feed you that lovely spiel that it costs so much more to bring the product to us here, so we don't deserve a cut-rate.

    Does Microsoft ever increase the XBOX LIVE subscription as well? Or is that the idea of the new adverts in its menu's to offset the need of a price increase?

    Bad idea, and bad timing this is an example of the balance sheet overriding common sense.

    M$ need to keep up the momentum if their to maintain a lead over Sony in the long term, a price increase will put the breaks on that just as Sony are making noises of a price reduction with PS3.

    Ahh, well you try to tell them but they always have to find out the hard way...

      We've been telling SONY the same thing for years and they havent learnt yet, what makes you think Microsoft will?

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