British Sales Charts: Two Party System

Here's what last week's British sales charts look like: Nintendo, Nintendo, EA, EA, Nintendo, Nintendo, EA, EA, EA, Nintendo.

That's what it says in the "publisher" field next to the top ten games in the UK last week. Nintendo and EA. You have to get to #12 to find a game not published by one of those two companies, and there are only 5 games in the entire top 20 that don't have "Nintendo", "EA" or "EA Sports" on the front of the box.


    COD4 on 360! WOW

    Baby i can see your Halo...i mean... Halo's.
    Perhaps Halo Wars wasn't the bomb everyone said it was when Killzone 2 beat it on first week sales in the UK. Lol.

    As far as i know, the new DLC came out like 2 weeks or so ago, which would explain a rise in sales of Halo Wars 2 or so weeks ago but this just seems like an ordinary week and it cracked the top 40. Impressive.

      Halo wars sells because Kids get their parents to buy them an Arcade console, and then followed by all Halo games, maybe COD4 on the side.

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