Brütal Bus Will Race To Soap Box Derby

A team of three college friends is building one bad-assed model of Brütal Legend's Ironheade Tour Bus, and will race it in a soap box derby in Los Angeles. Holy catfish, they have actually cast molten metal for this thing.

The team, Christine Phelan, 25, Andrew Cook, 25 and Luke Nalker, 30, all met as students at the Savannah College of Art and Design, which explains their robust creativity and commitment to pulling this off. In July their design submission (above) was accepted by the 2009 Red Bull Soap Box Derby in L.A., which races on September 26.

Best part of their blueprint was this answer: "Acoustic Warning Signal - How does the horn function? The power of ROCK! Yeeeaaahhh!!!"

The team's put together a bunch of pictures showing their work in progress—it's a big love song to sparks flying, glowing hot metal, welding masks and wide smiles. They just got a shout-out from Brütal Legend's Twitter, which is how we heard of it. Go check out the blog, there's simply too much awesome to show it all here.

Brütal Bus! [blog, thanks Greg the Allegedman]


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