Bungie Ponders Remaking The First Two Halos

Bungie Ponders Remaking The First Two Halos
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Would Bungie ever consider remaking Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 using more modern graphics technology? Let’s find out.

Taking our cue from a question posed by Kotaku reader Aliasalpha, we asked Bungie’s Curtis Creamer, producer of Halo 3: ODST if they would ever remake the earlier Halo games.

Surprisingly, Creamer admits the idea is not something Bungie has ever talked about internally. He said it might be an interesting thing to try at some point, but as a team right now they are more focused on looking at new things they can do.

“ODST is a great example of that,” says Creamer. “In some ways it is going back to some of the gameplay styles from Halo 1, like for example bringing back the health and stamina mechanic… But it’s more exciting for us because we are doing it with a new character, we’re doing it in a little bit of a new setting, and on top of that we’re adding a new way to try to tell the story. That’s more exciting for us than going back and recreating something that’s already been done.”

So I asked Creamer to speculate for me. Hypothetically speaking, just how much work would be involved in a full Halo 1 remake using the Halo 3 engine?

It would not be a simple undertaking, he explained. Between every Halo game, Bungie has made massive updates to the underlying technology that it would be impossible to simply re-import the Halo 1 levels into the Halo 3 engine.

There’s also the element of how fans might react to a remake that wasn’t 100% faithful.

“One of the things about trying to do something like that would be that you don’t have any latitude,” says Creamer. “You’re trying to make something that already exists so there’s no space in which to move. Is it easier to paint an exact portrait of something standing in front of you or of whatever just happens to be in your mind at that time?

“It happens all the time when we do remakes for some of the multiplayer maps. There’s always a lot of people who get super upset that there’s that one vert that’s not in the exact right spot… and that [whiney voice]completely ruins gameplay on the map!”

So, as nice an idea as a Halo remake might sound in theory, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be something we’ll see any time soon. Besides, it’s not as if Halo and Halo 2 really need remaking just yet; they’re both still perfectly playable and not too unattractive today.

Have there really been that many great remakes anyway?



  • Seems coincidental that this would come up so soon after the story about Halo 2 and the friend list restrictions in XBL. They’re basically saying that they’re neither going to fix the problem in the existing code, or redo from scratch. Oh well.

  • Why do we need a remake of a game(s) thats less than 10 years old? Not only that, its a good game in its own merits and the graphics arnt that bad. WE DONT NEED IT.

    Fair enough for Black Mesa but Halo would just be stupid.

    One thing… Im sure it would sell though.

  • Well I was mostly after 3 things

    -Consistent visuals across the series

    -Widescreen, 4:3 is annoying on a modern TV

    -Removing the less than perfect emulation, (especially of #1) and having all the games on a single platform

  • Why instead of redoing Halo, don’t they go to an overall just plain better pair of games in their catalogue: Marathon and Marathon: Durandal.

    Recently spoke to a friend that is a Halo player, whereas myself have only played the first and bits and pieces of Halo 2, and I realized that Halo doesn’t really evolve much. Admittedly, the Marathon series took a mobius like turn on itself, but the story in the first two Marathons are still great.

    They are of course, free now thanks to Bungie(google and enjoy). But I for one would buy a remake or a relauch of Marathon if only so all Halo fans can thank Marathon for being the daddy to the Halo series, and experience a great game with a better story.

  • Why would u want halo CE remade??? It’s the best video of all time. If anything they need to put the PC version in the xbox arcade so we can play multiplayer, that would be toooo sweet.

  • Halo is an amazing game, but I don’t think games from the past generation need remakes yet. The games we should be considering remaking are the games from ages past which had brilliant concepts, just lacked the technology of their time; the kind of games that if they were produced today, would be utterly incredible and, arguably, given an expanded lifespan as the technological leap between generations is more spread out now.

    A Source Engine return to Black Mesa or an Advent Children-esque Final Fantasy 7 would both be welcomed by mebefore a new Halo. I’m more than happy playing my original Xbox version for another ten years, I think.

  • why not give people the chance to relive the story after the epic battle at reach; not to mention a chance to get achievement points. halo 3? that game play blew balls. no WAY should it be put in that platform….why would to interview the guy that pissed most halo players off with the worst of the 3 game playing styles….bad call interviewer…of course he is going to be sour, i have yet to met someone who enjoyed 3’s game play compared to halo 2. want to ask someone ask the makers of the reach platform…since it’s the best yet. it’s an in-genius idea, both business wise and fan wise….why wait 10 years to update graphics…and i do NOT know what you mean “they aren’t that bad”….are you kidding….the story is great, no need to work on that, simply revamp and bring it in to the prelude, it would definitely pull in great revenue and be an easy money maker and success for the bungie corp.
    but i’m not surprised that the creator of one of the worst of the 3 halo’s wouldn’t be excited to remake 1 or 2. he knows if the remade them in 3’s platform he’d tank since 3 did the worst of the trilogy in player response. so if you are going to ask someone at bungie about remaking the epic first two, hell, throw in 3 b/c the game play was a disappointment after halo 2. revamp the graphics pull it in with the prelude and don’t put it in the hands of 3’s creator and it’d be a huge success.

  • Reasons for a remake.
    1. No online multiplayer on the original Halo CE.
    Yes, the pc version has it, but not online co-op.

    2. My BF will not play it cause he says the graphics suk. Personally the older graphics dont bother me and add a classic charm. But i still play Doom, so.

    3. Add in the things they could not add before but wanted to add, such as wildlife.

    4. I’m getting old and I want to enjoy the remake before I’m at the age where I can’t remember where I put my teeth and I poop in my pants.

    And to answer the question, “Have there really been that many great remakes anyway?”, The Resident Evil remake on the game cube. It was what a remake should be plus some.

    You can’t make everyone happy, and you should not use whinney lil fanboys as an excuss to mess-over the rest of the fan base. But what ever. Since the franchise is going to MS/ 343 Industries, then we should stop asking Bungie anyway. They seem to want to move on and not bother with it anymore.

    BTW The Resident Evil released in 1996 and the remake was released 2002, only 6 years later.

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