Can You Afford Your Own Halo Warthog?

As you know by now, Microsoft brought the Halo Warthog to Sydney as part of their promotional activities for Halo 3: ODST. We were curious to find out how much it might cost to keep it here.

There's only one Warthog in the world. It was custom built by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop back when they were gearing up to make a Halo movie. That's it pictured right there.

Kotaku reader James wanted me to ask Bungie producer Curtis Creamer, in town to show off Halo 3: ODST, how much it would cost to rent the Warthog for the weekend.

"I don't know how much it would cost to rent it, but I have heard that you could buy a Warthog. WETA would make one for you, but the cost of it is something around $500,000," replied Curtis.

Seriously? Five hundred grand?

"You can make anything happen with enough money!" he added.

Right. Who's keen to donate a dollar to the Get Kotaku A Warthog charity?


    I would, if I get to drive it :P

    I'm in as long as i get a spin in it.
    Is the donation tax deductible?

    i'd donate $2 to that!... long as it could be kept in melbourne :P

    I'm pretty sick of the damn puma already.

    Thanks for asking Dave... I didn't really think you would.

    Now if anyone's interested... one of my kidneys has just gone onto ebay... bidding starts at half a million.

    Oh, and I'd gladly throw in a few dollars towards the cause... but instead of Melbourne, how bout Adelaide?
    Then we'd need that machine gun.

      we could settle for Adelaide...i travel there from time to time... but it would be nice if we could leave the the car alone for an hour or two and be safe in the knowledge that the wheels would be there when we returned

        ahhh just leave someone stationed on the machine gun turret and the wheels would be safe :)
        on a more serious note... how much would people pay to rent something like this for the weekend?
        someone could totally build one and rent it out heaps and it'd pay for itself
        alas, you need money to make money(and warthog's) as they say and being a poor uni student I don't exactly half a mil to get one built to rent...

        You're probably right...

        Maybe we could leave it in Perth.

        W.A is backwards enough that they're still living in the 1950's, and if there's one thing I know from listening to old people talk, it's that there was no crime in the 50's.

    I'd donate some long as it gets a cross country road trip.

    half a million? who am i, the sultan of brunei?

    If it were for a true replica (not one built on a standard 4wd chassis) I'd sell my house ;-)

    If we all make donations saaay... $50? We all pitch in together to help out/ buy/ make suits and then mod some paintball guns to look the part, i think we could make a mighty nice private army.

    If every riot-policemen wore a halo suit, the world would be a better play

    Was at the sydney launch party thing the other day...
    talked with the guy who won the comp to drive it.
    he didnt even have an xbox.

    i'm with SCU lets get the army suited and ready

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