Casting Resident Evil: Afterlife

No secret that today's been a tough one. We know lots of you had problems getting to the site (But not the AU site! - AU Ed). So let's wind down with a game of what-if, casting the next Resident Evil film.

The Bits, Bytes, Pixels and Sprites takes a look at who'd be best for the fourth installment of the franchise, which, as video game movies go, has sucked less than the norm. Then again, Uwe Boll does blow the curve on that.

Chris Evans, (above) aka Johnny Storm from the (to use a Stan Lee favourite, yeccch) Fantastic Four series is their Redfield choice; Karen Dyer, who voiced Sheva Alomar in the game, is the no-brainer for that role. Kelly Hu is shrewdly chosen for Ada Wong, based on past video game work and some strikingly good looks.

Chew it over, mull it, or just flame it to death. Whatever, there's gonna be another Resident Evil film, and as past efforts have shown, these things don't act themselves.

Casting Call: Who Should Play Who in Resident Evil: Afterlife [The BBPS]


    He needs to buff up if he's gonna be Redfield.

    Chris Evans is already plenty buff... *drool*

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