Celebrate 100 Episodes Of Good Game Tonight

Big occasion for Good Game tonight. It's their 100th episode.

Here's Junglist to fill you in on what to expect:

This Monday night is a momentous one for Good Game. It's the 100th episode for Australia's show for gamers, by gamers, and there's no better excuse to go on a self-indulgent clip show rampage.

Laugh at the awkwardness of the first few episodes, see some of the segments that didn't work, the few that did, and some old friends stop by as well. Also, there will be cake. And that's not a lie.

Madden NFL 10 is also looked at on PS3 and Wii, as well as G.I. Joe for Wii, and TMNT Re-shelled.

All that plus an appearance from the lads at Pure Pwnage! Catch Good Game on Monday nights @ 8:30pm on ABC2, or late Friday nights on ABC1, just before rage.

You can download/stream any ep of Good Game at www.abc.net.au/goodgame

After one week a higher quality stream is hosted on ABC's iView service.

Enjoy the show!


    Congrats good game guys and gals. Keep it up!

    If only it was a good tv show.

      Guess you'll be watching The Farmer Wants a Wife then.. and we're all glad not to have you with us!

      Well done Good Game and here's to the next 100!

    Woo! 100th ep!
    Congrats to the crew.

    Congrats Good Game, thanks for all the entertainment!

    Finally a Wii game worthy of trolling. Will let them off because it's their milestone ep :)

      There really isnt much to review at the moment, other game viewers have forced to do the same thing as good game (yahtzee for example as of late has had to review movies outside his "comfort zone".)

    Best Show on TV. I only wish it went for an Hour or more.

    Meh, pure pwnage, I see that show as pretty much everything wrong with gaming, unless it's meant to be ironic?.

      it is

    As of 7:40, the episode is up on the site (http://www.abc.net.au/tv/goodgame/). :D

    put ur show on abc 1, my tv is a analogue!!

      Watch it online. It's usually up before the Monday night showing.

    where can I download Good Game season 1? The http://www.abc.net.au/tv/goodgame/
    only provide Good Game from season 2-5

    Nice show. List is also great; just seemed to be overwhelmed by the opinions of 14 yr old pc gamers.

    How do i know?

    Almost all Zelda games other than Ocarina of time were 50-100.

    Minecraft was 4th.

    Metal gear solid wasn't even in top 15.

    Bioshock infinite was ranked higher than bioshock.

    Then again, I guess that was their main audience lol. Kudos though, to Bajo and Hex.

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