Chainsaw Finally Coming To Castle Crashers

The Behemoth confirmed yesterday that the long-awaited Chainsaw weapon will be part of an upcoming, yet undated, DLC. It's "Necomantic", boogie-woogie-woogie.

The pack includes two new characters—the Necomancer (natch) and the Cult Minion. There will also be a new Animal Orb—the Dragonhead, and two weapons: the NG Skull Mace and the chainsaw.

"Yes, ... the damn Chainsaw," writes Kelly for The Behemoth.

"We will post the date as soon as we find out!" Kelly adds. That goes for the price, too. "Once again, this is completely up to Microsoft. But I can leave you with a tantalising ... SOON." Necromantic Pack DLC [The Behemoth, via Joystiq]


    I wonder if Microsoft will make people pay for it, and then Behemoth will be upset and do what they did last time and just buy all the tokens and give em away for free in their forums like with the King DLC.

    I hope they do, I also wish that I had actually known that you could get it for free, the King was totally not worth the money...

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