Command & Conquer 4 Gets A Real Name

After introducing the next C&C game with a placeholder numbered title, EA Los Angeles has settled on a name that only slightly evokes thoughts of sparkly vampires: Command & Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight.

EA let the fans choose the name they felt best fit the game, and I'd say the fans made a very wise choice. Twilight fits quite nicely, both as a reference to this being the final chapter in Command & Conquer's Tiberium Saga and in regards to humanity's impending extinction at the onset of the game. Command & Conquer 4 producer Mike Glosecki agrees.

"Our sophisticated fans are a tremendous community with a great love for the series. We really wanted to involve them in Command &Conquer 4 – what better way than to have them create the title? "We were blown away by all the creative names they came up with but the most popular selection, Tiberium Twilight, seemed the best fit, embodying that the saga is coming to a powerful and epic conclusion."

And there you have it. The fans have chosen, and now they wait for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight's 2010 release. Sure makes for one sexy banner, doesn't it?


    It's called Tiberian Twilight, not Tiberium Twiligh.

    I seem to recall this was going to be the original name of C&C 3 before Westwood was dissolved...

      yeah, even when C&C1 came out they said the first was Tiberium Dawn, then Sun then Twilight. Guess 3 was just not part of their 'master story telling' plan :P

    Oooooo shinyyyyy

    The original C&C 3 was going to be called Tiberian Twilight, to follow the trend

    Tiberian Dawn
    Tiberian Sun
    Tiberian Twilight

    It's 'Tiberian Twilight', not 'Tiberium' Twilight. Command and Conquer 3 is the only main game in the Tiberium universe that didn't have (or originally have) a Tiberian-based subtitle.

      It's because Westwood had nothing to do with any of the Tiberium games after Sun.

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