Commandos Series To Make A Return

Pyro Studios' classic Commando series is on the way back, with the developers announcing that once work on their current project is done, they'll be returning to the WW2 strategy franchise.

The studio revealed to that, once they're done with the Planet 51 movie tie-in they're currently working on, we'll be treated to an all-new Commandos game. One that should please fans of the older games in the series, as it's said the game will be closer to Commandos 2 than the last game in the series, Strike Force, which Pyro admit was "a mistake".

Nieuwe Commandos-game komt eraan volgens Pyro Studios []


    I want another Silent Storm. That was fun :/

      Silent Storm was excellent, but for some reason I got a bit OC about it once I started coming across the guys in the metal suits. I would save the game, and then reload every time I failed a shot through the eye slit... which was about 1/3 times. The tedium of this kind of ruined it for me (my own fault for insisting on sniping everything in turn based games)

      Edit: 2/3 times, or quite possibly more often. I would have been able to handle only reloading 1/3 times =P

        I actually finished Silent Storm in 3 missions...Lucky turn of events led me to the final silo by 3rd mission. If I remember correctly (Excluding the first mission) then it was the large estate house where you get attacked (vague, I know), The next mission you must assassinate the minister at his house where a rocket ship flies away and then the silo mission was opened up. Been a good few years since I replayed it though :S

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