Company Of Heroes Online Replaces Germans With "Federation"

Like many Western games, Relic's Company of Heroes is in line for some changes once it hits the Chinese market as Company of Heroes Online.

The LA Times' Charles Proctor reports that, amidst concerns surrounding China's laws forbidding any reference to the Nazi party, THQ have rebranded the Germans in this new CoH title as "The Federation".

They've also removed any and all instances of the Iron Cross emblem, which fans will know can be found on pretty much every single German vehicle and structure in the game.

Despite these sweeping visual edits, THQ's online boss Steve Dauterman promises the actual game mechanics of the German side will remain untouched.

Now, I'm normally not one to criticise regional edits like this, but...THQ do know that there already were no references to the Nazi party in the game? And that the Iron Cross is the symbol of the German armed forces, was before the Nazi party, and remains so to this day?


    To lol, or not to lol, that is the question. I really shouldn't, god knows how soon I could find myself shooting Federation troops during my mission to kill the guy who has a goatee instead of a mustache.

    Would have been a great Bionic Commando reference if the federation were Imperialists instead.

    If you scrunch your eyes up, put your fingers in your ears and go "LALALALALA!!" for long enough, history goes away and everyone lives in a magical fairy-land. Everyone knows that.

    I imagine it won't be long before Australia starts doing the same thing.

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