Comparing Gran Turismo 5 Locations With Real Locations

Realism is a keystone of the Gran Turismo franchise. Those in-game cars are so close to the actual machines that GT is more driving simulator, less driving game. But how do the real life locations stack up?

The lighting and perspective don't always stack up in the comparison screens, but the in-game shoots look accurate. Hey, there's the Sony Computer Entertainment building!

PS3『グランツーリスモ5』、実写とゲームのコース画像を比較 [はちま起稿]


    is there anything google streetview cant do?

      It doesnt look the same but granted... it is a videogame... Still good. Gran Turismo constantly reminds me I really need to pick up a G25 sometime.

        G25? Try G27 ^^;;

    Its not a simulator though, hit a wall at 100km/h and keep going? I don't think so. It's still a racing game. Go look at GTR evo for a real, full on simulator.

      By your logic microsoft flight simulator (so realistic its used to train pilots) shouldn't be a simulator because when your crash your plane just sits on the ground.

      But yeah obviously the roads are different because they have been converted into race tracks.

    Check out pgr 4

    they did a pretty awesome job with that

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