CrimeCraft: Blow Stuff Up And Be Trendy While Doing It

CrimeCraft developer Vogster Entertainment is allowing its players to dress fashionably thanks to a partnership with Atticus Clothing, according to a press release, new screens, and a trailer released recently.

According to the press release, "Gamers will be able to choose from real-world Atticus designs when customizing their characters, or outfitting their entire gang in CrimeCraft."

Certain Atticus branded shirts will be restricted to pre-orders, according to the press release and the game's website. Therefore, if you want your gang to be the most stylish bunch of criminals in Vogster's persistent online shooter, pre-ordering may be the way to go.

But we know you're not here to read about fashion—you're here to read about fashion while blowing stuff up. Luckily for you, we have the screens and the new trailer for your enjoyment.


    Really this is all I've ever wanted... to be able to kill things AND look good at the same time. Well my life is now complete... might as well die as nothing could ever top that! Wait I mean... oh look at that, well that's pretty niffy, another way to waste more money!

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