Cryptic: Microsoft's Behavior Means No Champions This Year

Jack Emmert, the Cryptic chief creative officer, says Microsoft has a "baffling" issue with MMOs, and it's holding up the console release of Champions Online.

In a VG247 podcast, Emmert says Cryptic has a 360 version of the game "ready to go", but it's not likely to arrive this year.

"It just takes time for the big beast known as Microsoft to get moving," Emmert said. "I really have no explanation other than that, because it's as baffling to developers as it is to everyone else."

Asked if Champions Online, which hits the streets for PC this week, will arrive anytime soon, Emmert said, "This year? I don't know."

"Right now we're just talking with Microsoft. Right now the ball is firmly in their court," he told VG247. "We're ready to go, but until we get the go ahead from Microsoft, right now we're sort of waiting."

MS Foot-Dragging on 360 MMOs is 'Baffling' says Cryptic Boss [VG247 via Joystiq]


    i dunno, MMORPGs on consoles sounds weird....

    Apparently the control scheme for the PC version, using a Xbox controller, is pretty top notch.

    Me rocking the boat on this issue here:

    (sorry for linking 1up guiz! Will do better next time haha)

    How do you pay for something like a console based MMO?

    I can see MS working out a way to make some money off it. Maybe payment by MS points.

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