Crysis 2 Teaser Trailers

Crytek feel that it's time to start teasing Crysis 2. But not with cutscenes, or gameplay. No, they figured you'd enjoy some commercials for the game's new Nanosuit instead.


    looks the same to me tbh

    alot of my friends said crysis was only good for graphics but i loved the whole game. cant wait for no 2. will prob require me to upgrade my pc again tho lol, same with rage.

    I really like the music. The strings and the synth really mesh well in my opinion.

    I loved #1 but totally could not get into Crysis Warhead - there wasn't even a plot, and when it asked you to do missions they didn't make any sense at all!

      Perhaps because Warhead was an expansion pack?

    Crysis is one of the best games out there. The people who complain about that its all graphics and no game have it all wrong. Crysis is a game that needs to be played by every self respecting gamer.

    Well, lets just say a MINOR upgrade to the announcement teaser trailer at E3.

    But still BORING as shit nonetheless. What's the point even. A Screenshot of the armour would be even more impressive.

    Google it up Jay, there actually a few decent sized shots of it.

    Uh... I'm gonna assume this is Nomad we're dealing with. And not to spoil anything... But, when exactly did he have time to get this Nanosuit2? From the ending, he didn't really seem to be in any position to get anything new from anyone.

    Unless it's a new dude, which makes sense, but would be sad.

    Also, am I the only one who liked the old one more? It was just more... asthetic, and original.

      Yes, it's Nomad. The login name of the second vid is NOMAD_3VSU or something.

      Also, the Nanosuit 2 is set in the year 2024. On it says "When we made the Nanosuit 4 years ago...." and in the first vid the voice says "In 2020 we unleashed a weapon...."

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